Guitar AmpA small guitar amp built around an LM386N amplifier
Guitar Amp 2.0The second version of the simple guitar amp using an LM386 audio amplifier
eInkSome pics of the dismantled Esquire eInk insert
HCS12 RobotRobot built using a Freescale HCS12 MCU. Clarkson University, 2006
NES Zapper laser pointerSome images of a gutted NES Zapper with a laser pointer and 7805 regulator
Parallel port driven character LCDPictures of a 16x2 character LCD driven using a PC parallel port
Making an LCD projector using an over-headFew people know you can make an LCD projector using an old LCD and an over-head display
RegulatorRegulator Album
Regulator_pcbRegulator_pcb Album
Solar car monitoring circuitMonitoring circuit I made for the Clarkson University solar car. The sink pictures are of etching a PCB in a 3-liter soda bottle in a dorm bathroom!
Clarkson Solar CarsVarious pictures of the solar cars Hyperion and SEVRX at Clarkson University
Traffic light controllerA state machine circuit to simulate a traffic light controller. Final pictures are the implementation of the circuit in VHDL on a CPLD
Trak BotA simple robot platform
Vt_circuitVt_circuit Album